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Clash of Clans Character And Roles
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clash of clans gems


Clash of Clans Character And Roles

Troops: CoC troops are several points and fortunately we have a large number of different forces:

Barbarian: One of the most basic creatures of great power game is to attack with many barbarians as they believe in the saying that unity is strength.

Archer: Archers are one of the most effective troops because they have powerful arrows able to defeat the most feared and secure buildings that exist today.

Giants: they are large creatures able to kill any defense that put them ahead, use them to catch the attention of those defenses and destroy them in an instant.

Elves: Elves are the troops charged with stealing resources. They are fast, smart and very naughty .. yes … lack a long life.

Bashing: skeletons armed with giant bombs and one goal: destroy all the walls they can even if it costs them their lives.

Globes: very similar to the graphics bashing but that attack air balloon and have always attacking the wow factor all defenses that may be available to creatures.

Magi: they are powerful and crafty, make magic one of the best weapons of destruction to be found in the game, although not always as useful as they seem …

Healer: it is the guardian angel of all troops that ensures safety and gives them life so they can continue fighting until the end.

Dragon: is one of the most powerful forces that exist today, have mercy on anyone and never stop spitting blazing fire from their mouths.

PEKKA: is one of the most amazing creatures in the game and its origin is completely unknown. It has a high resistance to the defenses because of their disproportionate and long life, yes … the great armor around you will limit the speed with which it moves.

Minions: Minions are creatures of the dark sky throwing small bombs from the air defense building or enemy.

Montapuercos: This is COC Gems  the only troop able to jump over all the walls that were put ahead thanks to the domesticated pig who take against all existing defenses to end all at a stroke.

Valkyrie: a really angry girl that attacks both hands thanks to its powerful ax.

Golem: this creature loves to soak up any kind of damage to be the other troops who take charge of destroying any defense or building while he’s distracted.

Witch: able to revive the dead warriors in combat coming out of nowhere when it’s invoked.

Lava Hound: his favorite defense rockets are defense and its mission will capture their attention to other air troops can go destroying everything in its path.

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